Reign of Winter

Treasure Listing

Identified ?
Armor Scale mail+1 Yes 1200
Coin Gold N/A 7300
Potion 6 Cure Serious Wounds Yes 4500
Potion 4 Elixirs of Hiding Yes 1000
Potion 4 Good Hopes Yes 3000
Scroll Iron Body Yes 3000
Scroll Mage's Sword Yes 2275
Scroll Mass Hold Person Yes 2275
Scroll Reincarnate Yes 700
Scroll Wall of Stone Yes 1125
Weapon Flame Tongue Yes 20715
Weapon Sword of the Planes Yes 22315
Wondrous Blessed Book Yes 12500
Wondrous Tan Bag of Tricks Yes 16000
Wondrous Cauldron of plenty Yes 15000
Wondrous Greater Book of Extended Summoning Yes 6126
IMP's Whistle
Wondrous Javelin of Lightning Yes 1500
Wondrous Manacles of Cooperation Yes 2000



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