Reign of Winter

Summary 07: The New Winter Guard

Chapter Two: The Shackled Hut


A lone cabin was spotted on the outskirts of Ellsprin, a thin column of smoke rising from the chimney.  A humanoid shape laid in front of the homestead, the snow around it, dyed in red with blood, MAIN’s favorite color.   SHANG-TSUNG put two arrows in the corpse to deter it from rising from the dead.  Upon closer inspection, the dead man covered in wooden splinters had been clawed at in vital areas.  Small tracks were found all over the battlefield and KRUSH was commanded to sniff out the area.  The Dinosaur followed a strange sent to a region where a set of tracks had abruptly ended.  The Horde quickly surrounded the vacant spot and swung their blades into thin air.  FAERNIP laughed at the band of pinkskins, appeared, and clawed the Samurai in a sensitive spot.  True to its name, the Quickling clawed with both hands and dealt another lethal blow to the Elder.  Meanwhile, the tiny Twigjack TINDLECRICK stepped out of the shadows and unleashed a shower of splinters upon the party’s male members.  The Horde retaliated but the Fey’s resistance to conventional weapons granted them one final attack.  SHANG-TSUNG was scratched again and joined OTAK and UPANIX in a shower of wooden barbs, but no one fell.  The bigot Fey fell soon after and the medic was called upon to numb out the pain.

Suddenly, a woman exited the cabin and embraced SHANG-TSUNG, the first Horde member she saw.  MARET then rushed over to her dead husband and cried out to the Gods above.  Two young children peered out the door and witnessed the commotion.  MARET was told that the Fey had a bone to pick with humanity, a folk that denounced Fey relations, a folk that forced MARET’s bastard child GAREN to exile.  MARET was seduced by a Satyr some years ago and GAREN was produced.  Ashamed, the woman moved to the village limits to live her life in peace with her abomination, away from prying eyes.  GAREN ran away seven years ago so that his mother could live a normal life.  She remarried and had two normal children.  It was believed that the Faun GAREN was nearby and MARET convinced the Horde to find him.

A distinct set of tracks led the Horde to an abandoned barn.  SHANG-TSUNG placed a Glowing Hand upon KRUSH and let the animal in first.  The dim light revealed the Faun GAREN, tied to a chair and gagged.  The Quickling ZZABABA stepped out of the shadows and called out to her mate FAERNIP.  When she learned of her lover’s fate, ZZABABA flew in a rage and unleashed her wrath upon GAREN as he refused to support his fellow fey.  The Horde did away with the pest in quick fashion and released its hostage.  The bastard was successful in convincing the Horde in letting him live and was reunited with his mother.  Grateful, the woman prepared a sub-par meal for all to eat and wished the Horde God speed.  The party retired for the night at NADYA’s sister’s home and washed down the goulash aftertaste with a barrel of local mead.  Morning came and the Horde left Ellsprin and NADYA behind.  The Ranger had told them to follow The Glacier Lake’s rim and to visit The Fishcamps before reaching capital.  NADYA’s uncle RINGEIRR lived there and was an expert at getting in and out of Whitethrone without attracting attention.

Several hours pass and the Horde were about to leave a forested area.  Meanwhile, four Winter Guard had been staking their quarry for some time, awaiting the perfect moment to strike.  The ambush began once the Horde entered difficult terrain as a volley of arrows flew towards UPANIXSHANG-TSUNG and MIYUKI retaliated with missiles as both OTAK and UPANIX advanced in hopes to engage in melee.  Threatened by the Tian-Xia, the Rangers rapid fired in the Samurai’s direction to no avail.  OTAK cleaved a guard in two by falchion as the two archers downed another.  UPANIX gravely injured a third just as the team leader NORGRIMM, a Winter Wolf, entered the fray.   The large beast walked over to the Half-Giant and bathed him in freezing mist.  The remaining two Winter Guard ganged up on UPANIX and dealt him a critical blow.  The Horde rallied behind the Half-Giant and the battle ended seconds later.  UPANIX’ wounds were closed and the lone survivor was brought back to life for questioning.  The White Witch NAZHENA had sent the assassins to deal with RADOSEK’s rival Tian-Xia and his mighty Horde.  The man was put down and their gear salvaged.  The Horde had decided to don the Winter Guard uniforms in hopes to bamboozle the enemy.

Another day of mild frostbite passes and The Fishcamps finally came into site.  High above the distant ice cliffs beyond stood the capital of Whitethrone.  As the New Winter Guard crossed the bridge into The Fishcamps, three Freshwater Merrows looking to collect taxes climbed the support beams and made their presence known.  The large brutes looked down to their opposition and…, stepped aside.  Knowing full well their actions were illegal, the Trolls played dumb and simply greeted the Winter Guard.  SHANG-TSUNG ordered the bullies to withdrawal and they crawled back to the rock whence they came.  Suddenly, the Ochki spotted magic in the snow down below.  The Winter Guard investigated and found a dead body.  The Merrows pleaded ignorance and allowed the Guard to keep the spoils found on the corpse.  The ruse appeared to be working as violence was avoided and the Winter Guard arrived at The Fishcamps unscathed.

The shantytown came to a sudden halt as the Winter Guard made an unexpected visit.  SHANG-TSUNG approached the first commoner demanding an audience with RINGEIRR.  Rumor had it that MARCIAN, the local enforcer, had the smuggler arrested for tax evasion.  The man pointed to a party of MARCIAN’s thugs by the docks.  The four ruffians were having their way with an elderly man and the Winter Guard intervened.  The Fishcamp Guards immediately ceased their interrogation and cooperated with the Irriseni police.  RINGEIRR was being detained under MARCIAN’s supervision and the men ratted out his location without hesitation.  As for the old man, the Winter Guard took him into custody only to free him moments later.  For his troubles, the man was given gold equivalent to eight months salary.  The party traveled to the Fishcamp guardhouse and was let in by a pair of Ogres.  The unexpected guests were brought before MARCIAN and both parties made arrangements for RINGEIRR’s release.  Sensing weakness in the crime boss, SHANG-TSUNG accepted MARCIAN’s magical ring as a bribe of sorts, to overlook several late payments and his shady activities.  Three encounters, all peaceful, MIYUKI was proud of her Horde, MAIN was not.

The Winter Guard escorted RINGEIRR out of the building in shackles and NADYA’s uncle demanded to know the charges against him.  The smuggler was released soon after and made aware of the Horde’s intentions.  Both parties traveled the RINGEIRR’s hut to discuss the Horde’s next strategy.  The Ranger offered the Guard a variety of Fishcamp delicacies, but the smell deterred them from experimenting.  Meanwhile, the Horde gave the man an abbreviated version of their story and listened to what the Ranger had to offer.  RINGEIRR had a contact in the city able to forge credentials but had more faith in the Horde’s disguises.  He also knew of someone who may have intelligence on the Dancing Hut’s location within the city.  In return for his services, RINGEIRR asked the Horde to help him smuggle a large crate of fish within the city.  The Winter Guard agreed and made preparations to leave in the morning.

Faernip; Winter Quickling
Tindlecrick; Winter Twigjack
Zzababa; Winter Quickling
Bonus: Rescued Garen and reunited him with his mother
4 Winter Guard Falconers
Norgrimm; Winter Wolf
3 Freshwater Merrows; bypassed
4 Fishcamp Guards; bypassed
2 Ogres; bypassed
Marcian Enarxion; Human Rogue; bypassed
Bonus: Rescued Ringeirr from imprisonment
Session total
Campaign total



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