Reign of Winter

Summary 06: Pointing Fingers

Chapter Two: The Shackled Hut


was asked to step aside as SHANG-TSUNG conjured an Ice Spear below the globe via the Icicle Wand, but the illusion was unaffected.  The Samurai concentrated and made another attempt, a spear failed to penetrate the ground, but the hologram began reacting to the wand’s magic.  Suddenly, the arcane thread uniting Waldsby and Heldren faded away, shutting down the nearby Winter Portal.   SHANG-TSUNG looked to the Teleportation pad near NAZHENA’s sculpture and fiddled with it.  After fooling the contraption, the Elder’s frozen body materialized itself in The Pale Tower courtyard, an apparent escape route.  With Thirty-two threads remaining on the map, the Horde opted to travel to the storm’s source, Whitethrone.

Before their journey, the Horde made a final stop in Waldsby for supplies.  Meanwhile, NADYA had packed her belongings on a sled and anxiously awaited the Horde’s return.  When both parties reunited, the mother of three immediately inquired about THORA.  This time, SHANG-TSUNG had chosen his words carefully, claiming the Witch NAZHENA had possibly moved the girl to a new location.  Satisfied with their report, the Ranger then inquired on the Horde’s next move.  The new target, Whitethrone was one-hundred-thirty-six miles to the north.  NADYA knew of a way to reach the capital in nine days and offered her services as guide.  The Horde was not keen to the offer at first but agreed to accompany her to Ellsprin to reunite with her sons.

On the first day of travel, the Horde left The Hoarwood Forest behind and found themselves on a plane of ice, nothing to shield them from the bitter cold winds of the North.  Several hours passed and a black storm came into view, Ravens.  Unable to hide, NADYA unsheathed her bow and prepared to engage the swarm.  The archers let loose a volley of arrows downing dozens of birds before the flock overwhelmed the party.  Both OTAK and SHANG-TSUNG lost the use of their eyes in all the chaos as UPANIX felt a sharp pain on his hand.  Blood began spewing out of the Half-Giant where the claws had scratched him.  Luckily, his Swarmbane Clasp was more than a match against the flock and dispersed moments later.  While MIYUKI tended to the blind, UPANIX awaited his ring to begin the regenerating process, but nothing was happening.  He looked to the ring and the once pale blue stone upon it became a crimson red and the skin around the artifact looked infected.  Unable to remove the thing from his finger, the Ochki was called upon to Identify the problem.  The ring no longer showed as blue through the goggles, it now appeared red.  NAZHENA had left the Horde a gift in the form of a Ring of Lifebleed, a reward to those who’d steel from her vault.  If ever harmed, the wound would bleed, causing pain and discomfort.  The Half-Giant wanted none of it and had SHANG-TSUNG cut off the infected finger, an act that compelled MAIN to shake his bloodied hand.  The bejeweled appendage felt into the snow and it and the Horde parted ways.

On day three, the Horde walked into a pocket of summer.  Green grass, leafy trees and twenty degrees, OTAK was pleased.  The strange phenomenon spread out several miles and attracted all sorts of wildlife.  Grazing in a field was a Megaloceros, a great Elk.  NADYA quickly made the first move as the beast would provide sustenance for the entire trip.  The Horde followed suit, acted before her and the animal fell before the Ranger’s assault.  Suddenly, the three Worgs stalking the beast rushed over to claim the Horde’s prize, using intimidation to deter a confrontation.  Their efforts would be in vain however as the wolves were put down with ease.  The Horde feasted and rested in comfort before returning to the harsh reality of hypothermia and frostbite.

Two days pass and Horde found another opportunity to shelter themselves from the elements.  Before them was the fallen township of Ulsgaard, a casualty of the Winter War.   All that remained amongst the ruins was a temple dedicated to DESNA and the Horde approached via the graveyard.  Suddenly, MIYUKI was overwhelmed with anxiety, a sensation she felt back at The Sentinel Lodge.  Meanwhile, her allies began seeing images of children playing.  Within seconds, dozens of children overwhelmed the playground, all chaperoned by two Clerics.  Joy quickly turned to horror as four Ice Trolls entered the scene and had their way with the younglings.  The images were a tough pill to swallow, especially for OTAK whom was Crushed with Despair.  With blank expressions on their faces, the two Clerics suddenly became corporeal and revealed their true nature.  Damned for all eternity, the Huecuvas challenged the Horde to a fight to the death.  But alas, the corpses were cut down swiftly and their bodies burnt.  The evil haunting MIYUKI faded and the Horde helped themselves to the chapel’s treasures before retiring for the night.

One more day stood between the Horde and NADYA’s destination, the town of Ellsprin.  Making good time, the Ranger’s Dog and sled came to a sudden halt.  In the wood beyond were the cries of Wolves and that of a woman in distress.  The Huldra in disguise was surrounded by four Boreal Wolves, one already disabled by the Fey.  With the aid of the Horde, the remaining fiends were dispatched.  The native beauty thanked her rescuers and asked them a service.  SYLGJA’s husband had gone off hunting the day before and hasn’t returned.  She had followed his tracks to a cave and spotted a Moss Troll within, a foe she dare not confront alone.  In exchange for a warm meal, a bed, and anything of use within her cabin, SHANG-TSUNG reluctantly agreed to spare some of the Horde’s precious time and expertise.  The Samurai’s price was steep, but the Sorceress saw no other alternative.

Unable to communicated, the remaining Horde members followed NADYA and SHANG-TSUNG to SYLGJA’s home.  All were granted a meal by a warm fire.  Unimpressed with the Samurai’s demands and condescending attitude, SYLGJA took the opportunity to soften the old shrew with one of her powerful charms.  When SHANG-TSUNG’s mind began succumbing to her drug, he reached within his inner resolve and fought off the attack.  Furious, the Samurai responded with two silver arrows, both meeting their mark.  Shocked, SYLGJA and the Horde reacted in their own way.  MIYUKI tried to knock some sense into the Elder and both her and NADYA provided cover from oncoming missiles.  SYLGJA attempted to put the Samurai into a Deep Slumber but SHANG-TSUNG was not tired.  Both OTAK and UPANIX opted not to pick sides and allowed the chaos to unfold.  Now faced against three women, SHANG-TSUNG continued his assault on the unarmed Fey.  Two more arrows met flesh but some of it closed when MIYUKI applied her healing hand.  SYLGJA adopted a defensive stance and allowed her regenerative powers to take effect.  SHANG-TSUNG rapid fired and the first arrow dropped the woman and the second killed her outright.  The half breeds were speechless, the Ranger disappointed, the Paladin…, disgusted.  The Samurai made it clear to the Horde that their treachery would no longer be tolerated in the future.  The child slapped her elder in the face and stepped outside whist OTAK insisted that threats had no place within their ranks.

Upon closer inspection, SYLGJA had a long fox-like tail and a hollowed back.  NADYA identified the creature and came to the conclusion that her husband may have been charmed this whole time.  The cabin was searched revealing an Insidious Bear Trap, an enchanted dagger and…, a Scroll of Remove Curse.  The Horde had been attacked by several curses as of late but have dealt with them in their own unique way.  Sick to his stomach, UPANIX wanted the scroll to read Regeneration.  After burning the body and warming their hands and feet by the fire, the entire Horde agreed to see if SYLGJA’s husband required aid.

The cave was a half mile to the North and the Horde entered through its gaping maw.  The dimly lit cavern was searched.  Suddenly, the Moss Troll stepped out of a wall of vegetation with battleaxe in hand.  Frustrated, UPANIX charged but held back.  Having fought such a creature in the past, something was not right; beneath the foliage was man flesh.  The Half-Giant targeted a moss cluster on the creature’s back and trimmed the walking hedge.  OTAK saw a Moss Troll, rammed the Moss Troll and FINNGARTH’s blood was shed.  The Mindslaver Mold sent forth its mind numbing spores at SHANG-TSUNG but had no effect.  Like a Zombie following commands, FINNGARTH cleaved into OTAK and UPANIX with respectable force.  But alas, against six formidable foes, the man fell and the Mold was forced to evacuate its host.  The weed desperately tried to link with another but was quickly exterminated.  FINNGARTH was revived and made aware of SYLGJA’s deception.  Crushed, the man had no other choice but to disregard the last four years of his life.  The Horde left the man to console his corpse bride’s ashes and marched towards Ellsprin.

Bonus: Successfully shut down the Winter Portal
2 Raven Swarms
3 Worgs
Haunt: Children of Ulsgaard
2 Huecuvas
3 Boreal Wolves
Sylgja; Huldra Sorceress
Mindslaver Mold
Bonus: Rescued the infested Finngarth
Session total
Campaign total



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