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Reign of Winter Soundtrack

God Save the Tsar; Reign of Winter main theme
Bigger is Better; Otak's theme
Relics of World War One; The Frozen Chests
House Hygashiyama; Shang-Tsung's theme
Pain and Misery; Upanix' theme

Chapter One: The Snows of Summer
Welcome to Heldren
The Animated Dead; Undead battle theme
The Horde is Victorious
A Pocket of Winter
An Acrtic Tatzlwyrm; Magical Beast battle theme
Rohkar and his Thugs; Humanoid battle theme
Great Triumph
Thora's Trapped Soul; Construct battle theme
The Last Horseman; Rider's theme
The Vast Lands of Golarion
The Pale Tower
Radosek Kaijitsu; Fierce battle theme

Chapter Two; The Shackled Hut
The Irriseni Village of Waldsby
Sylgja'a Charm; Fey battle theme
Patrolling the Fishcamps
Infiltrating the Howlings
Whitethrone; the White Witch Capital
Logrivich Who ?; Dragon battle theme
Forest From the First World
Fonts of Water, Earth and Air; Elemental battle theme

Chapter Three; Maiden, Mother, Crone
Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut
The Witch Daughter's Nightmare; Yelizaveta's battle theme
Minions of the Demonlord; Outsider battle theme
The Three Who Watch
Artrosa's Warden; Jadrenka's battle theme
Agents of Kostchtchie; Vsevolod's battle theme
From Child to Maiden; Miyuki's theme
The White Witch Strikes Back; Nazhena's battle theme

Chapter Four: The Frozen Stars
The Herb Garden; Plant battle theme
Triaxus, Planet of Ice and Snow
The Walls of Spurhorn
Under Siege; Drakeland battle theme
Counterstrike; Malesinder's battle theme
The Rimekeening Crevasse
Deaththrow; Frost Worm battle theme
Storming Ivoryglass
The Howling Storm; Yrax' battle theme

Chapter Five: Rasputin Must Die
Detached Silhouettes; Shadow battle theme
From Russia With Love
Modern Warfare; Troop battle theme
The Mad Monk; Rasputin's battle theme
Welcome to Earth
Akuvskaya Prison Camp
The Crucified Soldier; Crucifixion Spirit battle theme
Rebirth of the Akuvskaya Monastery
The Brothers Three; Vampire battle theme

Chapter Six: The Witch Queen's Revenge
The Broken Plane of Vashliq
Baba Yaga's Power; Bremagyr's battle theme
Betrayal; Namequil's battle theme
The Forgotten Island of Buyan
Baba Yaga's Death; the Witch Doll battle theme
Cottage in a Dark Forest
Baba Yaga's Life; Crone Queen battle theme
The Inner Sanctum
The Witch Queen's Revenge; Elvanna's final battle theme
Queen of Witches; Baba Yaga's theme

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